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Trading jokes



I'm a 73 year old male. My brother Greg from Dallas and my friend Ted trade jokes, cartoons, anecdotes and items of casual interest on a regular basis. We generally stay clear of anything religious or political, unless we're sure it doesn't offend.

Here's the problem. When one of us is out of touch for any reason, the circle of communication stops.

We need a couple of interested participants. Anyone interested?


This sounds like a very cool thing you guys have got going Tom!. Sounds like you have a lot of fun together. I hope you will get a taker or two, it might not be the best place to pose your question though, perhaps in "jokes", where it will be shown as a new post, and get the views :)

Lovely to meet you Tom :)

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I have a little story that makes me and the wife giggle every time.As i am sure alot of you know there is a stoma bag company called HOLLISTER,And also a designer label of the same name.So when we see teenagers with the word HOLLISTER across their chests it makes us laugh and wonder how many of those tops would go straight in the bin if they new what a stoma bag is and that they are advetising them.

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