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When will I be able to enjoy food again

Maria Gibson


Hi, this is my first time on here and I had a colostomy on 5th February 13 after I developed a leak post surgery for colon cancer. I just wonder if I will be able to have peas with my dinner and enjoy strawberry or raspberry trifle ever again. So far I am coping fine with the bag but oh to enjoy my meals again.


First of all, welcome to Oland.   I hope you enjoy your stay and visit often.

I have found it's trial and error.  But I keep trying.  Just go really slow and take small amounts to see how you'll tolerate certain foods.  Good luck!

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You're fresh out of surgery!  Right now your body is busy healing and your colon will continue to heal and adapt as the stoma settles in.  It takes about a year for your body to fully recover.  You may feel fine, but your body has a lot of healing to do.  Keep trying.  If you can't enjoy peas today, try them again in a few weeks. 

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welcome! as the others have already said it a lot of trail and error, im pretty new to it all too got my illio in late November, the stuff they have told you to avoid is so that you dont get blockages but as long as you are sencible and chew  propperly you can get away with most foods in sencible amounts, grapes for example the skins are the problem part so unless you are going to peel them best to avoid more than a few or spit the skins out, same with peas its the skins that dont break down and can cause problems, if you cook them a little longer and give em a good chew you can still eat them just dont eat a mountain of them!  take it easy at first and you will get the hang of what you can and cant handle.

i had a carrot based incident (blockage) at christmas which wasnt fun! you definatly dont want to do that believe me, chew well, eat slowly, cook any fiberous veg a bit longer and small portions of anything you arnt sure about and you should be able to eat anything actually finding i can now eat a lot of things i definatly couldnt before as they would upset my large intestine.

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