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From: What is the best diet for an Ostomist?



I think once you have a stoma you become very aware of what you put into your body because when it comes out you can know about it. I'd been eating whatever I wanted and had a well behaved stoma. However since my surgery my out put has been irregular and I had alot of stringy material coming out, I had to pull it out of the stoma and help it along (not sure if this is the right thing), I think it was beansprouts.

I'm worried I have a blockage as today I've had runny output, very watery, but I only ate porriage and one slice of toast yesterday as I'd been up to the hospital. I don't have anyother symptoms like pain and as I've never had a blockage I don't know how it would feel.

Anyway my main question is what is the idea diet to keep everything in balance and good working order? What are the best foods and what is important to avoid.

Reno, I can only pass on to you the information I was given in the hospital. I'm still relatively new at this, I acquired my stoma last May. I was told to avoid things like nuts and seeds, unless ground up into a butter. Peanut butter is good, but not the chunky kind. No corn, popcorn, pineapple, or okra, too hard to digest. Tender, well cooked meats are good, avoid too much fat and grease. Garlic, or asparagus may cause odorus output. I'm concerned from what you just wrote that you may not be eating enough. Porriage and one slice of toast is not even a balanced meal, and certianly not enough on a daily basis to keep a person healthy. I do hope you are eating more than that.

Source: What is the best diet for an Ostomist?


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