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Last May I went on vacation, little did I know it would be the most life changing vacation I ever took. Two days after arriving in SC I had my first operation. Part of my small intesnine had died due to lack of blood supply. Thought I was doing fine, headed back home soon, then had another operation. Lost more of my intesnine, and was given my little putt-putt, and a bag that hangs from my belly. Two weeks in ICU, then 2 months in an acute care rehab center. It was a hard adjustment, I was told it was a miracle I was still alive, and that most people with as short a bowel as me didn't do this well. I had a high output, jujunum colostomy. (Excuse me if I'm not using the exact proper terms to explain this) At first just getting a bag to stay on for long was a problem. Now the flange I use sticks for me really well. I finally came home, not really home, they sent me to a nursing home not far from my residence. At the time I thought I'd probably spend the rest of my life there. Then this doctor came in and she said "Let's see what we can do about getting you ready to go home." I said "Home......just tell me what I have to do to get there." It was September when I got out of the nursing home. At first it was difficult, going out in public, (putt-putt can make the most embarassing noises) due to the high output I can't go toooooo far from a restroom. There is also that embarrassing bulge in my clothing that no pants or skirt can really hide. I'm dreading summer, my bag is too large for wearing shorts. No swimming, and I'd just bought 2 new bathing suits. All in all I can't complain, I'm fortunate to still be alive. They say that God doesn't give us more than we can deal with. I say "What other choice do we have, you either learn to deal with what life gives you, or you lie down and die." I just keep on keeping on. I don't know what to expect next, and yes that does scare me sometimes, but I'll deal with it when the time comes. I just registered here. I had hoped to get in a chat room and dicuss what foods might give me problems, and why. I wanted someone to talk to that would understand my issues, but no one was in the chat room. Maye later.

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