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The dam broke lose

Scarlet Moon


It's been a miserable week and a half with sinus nonsense but last week the migraine hit. 4 days with a sound,light,and smell sensitive headache was too much and I broke down and went to see my family doc on Monday. He wasn't in-- and I saw one of my least favorite doctors at the practice who confirmed what I already knew. . . the mother of all sinus infections. When the migraine moved from just light to sound and smell, I knew it was a sinus infection, not just weather.

I have been going to the same practice for about 20 years and Dr. P's a newer doc. Odd fellow but nice. I explained the situation and he didn't understand that I had an IV port. Not unusual for me to have to show it and re-explain that I have short gut syndrome and antibiotics tend to come out the same way they went in. I always go on IV antibiotics for a shorter duration. There's a ton of records in my file of this as well as scripts for it. He explained that the computer doesn't allow him to write it so he can't. If it's not in the database, it's not something they can write. What??? I'm a seasoned patient. This was not a new invention or a new drug, or a new concept. He did look at the chart and found multiple scripts for it, and after some fussing around with the computer, did find it and was able to write a script. When I asked what to do about the migraine, he told me to hold on and that it will clear up in 3-4 days. 7 at most. If it doesn't clear up in a week, come back. Uh.. no. I'm a frequent flier with sinus migraines and know as soon as they hit a certain point, they're not clearing up. I took everything over the counter including my go to always works, Hyland's Migraine with no success. It was time to call in the Imitrex. He again looked at the chart and saw that I wasn't trying to shop for meds--why anyone would shop for Imitrex is beyond me.

It was a bad one, and it took 2 doses to clear most of it. I still had a bit linger, but it wasn't bad enough to take a 3rd dose. I'm still dealing with a sinus headache but have kept it from going to a migraine with Excederin.

Today the sinus dam broke. I took my 5th dose of Cipro and the sinus dam broke. I am going on my 3rd box of Kleenex today. Crazy that all that mucus just started to gush at once. My nose and lips are raw. I'm coating it with vaseline so when I wipe it doesn't rub against the skin. Later tonight, I'll put some quality cream to help it to heal, but at this stage, Vaseline seems to work best. I'm hoping it slows down a bit before bedtime. Been a busy day. Went grocery shopping, crashed my computer and am now leaking non stop. . . I think tomorrow my butt will become one with the couch and we'll go from there.

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