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A little more human

Scarlet Moon


I've been on the additional dose of Paxil for about 3 weeks now and I think I'm back to normal. It feels good to finally be back in a position where I feel normal again. I'm busy doing some spring cleaning and that's helping too. As silly as it sounds, keeping busy has been quite a help. I'm doing stuff around here for me, not to just pacify the time so that makes me feel productive again and I need that. I was also asked to do pre-launch testing on the social groups. There's a lot to learn and it's exciting to learn new skills and to try to figure things out. I'm glad that I can help out before they go live. This site has given me so much and it's the least I can do--besides I'm enjoying it.

A friend gave me her hubby's working novel to read. It's a vampire thriller. Not something I'd typically read, but it's pretty good for a first novel. I still have more than half to read but at this point, it's pretty good.

I'm also enjoying my book on quantum theory. I do think that the book needs some editing. It is written in techinical writing so it's repetative by nature, however there are a few paragraphs repeated as if they were cut and pasted. I think it could easily drop 100 pages to make it more readable. Right now it's in a section where it's proving that all religions are valid as Consciousness/God exists. I have some issues with the way he treats faiths that are not Christian based. He is quite arrogant and talks about how new agers are staring at crystals hoping for something but not really wanting anything. I think that's an unfair assessment. Even a bit arrogant. He chooses to exclude pagan religions yet focuses a lot on Athesism and delights in proving that they have to believe in a God figure. If you're going to try to prove all religions are valid, how can you pick and choose to only focus on religions that stem from Hinduism, or was it Buddhism and Judaic origins? It seems like a cop out to not embrace his goal in proving all religious beliefs are valid if he ignores some. I'm getting a little tired of reading the same thing over and over so now I'm skimming until the next section. I did that at the end of the last section too. When he gets near the end he seems to feel the need to summarize it 3 or 4 times before moving on. It could be editied out. :) Oh well, onto the next chapter, right?

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