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blog-0308238001352496362.jpgLong time since I’ve been here. I have been busy working as a volunteer teacher in a special school for adult who needs extra tutoring. December 13th is my last day there, so I have to find somewhere else to work, with my education I’m not fully qualified to work as a teacher in this place.

This week I decided to work for the Norwegian ostomy organization. I have no idea what I’m going to participate in, but I think it will be very interesting to know how the organization work, and what doesn’t work. We have been told that our government wants to reduce the ostomy budget, which means that we can’t get all the ostomy supplies we want and need unless we want to pay more than our maximum prize for health care. I hope the economists haven’t seen the ostomy dresses made by Ingrid Anette (in my previous entry), they might think that’s how we use our ostomy bags ;)

I really miss going to the pool like I did before my ostomy surgery. But I don’t feel ready to shower in a public place, and I need to buy a swimming suit, can’t use the bikini anymore, it’s difficult to hide the bag underneath it. And then I get scared for having a leak in the pool. The bags should be safe, but what if......I know I’m a worrier, but have you had any problems being in the pool and sitting in the hot tub with ostomy bag?

My part time dog is Luna is on vacation in my apartment. Just remember at any point to "relax and go with the flow.....

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No personal experience, though I'm looking forward to swimming next summer so have been paying attention whenever I see comments. Have seen many comments from people who have said they had no difficulty with swimming. They just put on a fresh bag before they swam and gave it enough time to get good and stuck on. Also, some people have used flange extenders, or even duct tape if they were feeling especially anxious about leaks. Some people also use one of those neoprene belts that covers the bag or the bag fits inside of.

Now hot tubs...I've heard mixed reviews. Some have said if they're in a short time, like ten or fifteen minutes, it's been fine. Longer and they've found that the bag starts coming loose.

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Hope you've managed to find some work Hal, now that Dec 13th has been and gone.

A great way to build confidence to go swimming or in a hot tub is to wear your normal gear in the bath. The bath is a sort of worst case scenario as it's warm water rather than cold like a pool. When you go swimming I would advice putting a new pouch on before going to the pool building (that gives the adhesive time to warm up and mould to you), then you can go swimming with that pouch in place. Water does deteriorate the length of time the pouch will be secure. If you can wear a pouch for 48-72 hours then you might find it only lasts 24-36hrs after a swim, or only 24h with hot water involved. So, personally I wear a pouch especially for the swimming day. I'll apply it when I get up in the morning or an hour before swimming, then I'll dry it carefully after the swim or bathe, and then change it fully that night. I normally use a 2pc appliance. 1pieces are quite handy, stick one on an hour before swimming, then change it straight after the swim/bathe.

Hope that's useful information and that you've had a good Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year and 2013. :)

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