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proud and fearless with ostomy

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I actually have an autumn holiday, I haven’t had such a holiday since I was a school child, but now that I’m working in a school for adults, I get the teacher’s benefits. But what am I going to do this week? I have to check with my other friends who work as teachers in the kindergartens, if they have such a holiday as well.

But I don’t really need or want this holiday. I’ve finally started this job project as a part of my back to real work plane, and I like being busy with ideas and projects. I’ve have had so much spare time before this job, that I don’t want a holiday before next year :)

This month I was on a motivation seminar with this woman ( ingrid Anette Hoff Melkersen....) She and an ostomy nurse travel around Norway with her show called “proud and fearless with ostomy”. She talks about her life with Crohn's syndrome, how it was like being 15 and spend the entire time in the bathroom when you’re should use that time with school and friends, how she deals with her ileostomy and her three little kids who think that all the other mothers are strange because they don’t have a bag on their stomach.

She signed up for a photo competition and became number three among all other women who wanted to be named as “Norway's finest lady”

The dresses are actually made from ostomy bags


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This is the first time i have seen this post.... How cleaver the dresses are. ingrid Anette Hoff Melkersen is a lovely lady to do what she does.

Thanks for sharing,


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Yes--I THINK THIS IS REALLY GREAT--I am a Urostmate, and i have never

been HAPPIER IN THE LAST 5 years. I so love the dresses.

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