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12 Months on



Well it was 12 months on the 20th April since I had my little spouting friend installed. It has been quite a roller coaster ride. My current health status is 1. ileostomy is fine with little bag troubles (I am lucky with that). 2. Crohns active causing pain and possible cause of the partial blockages i currently have, mouth ulcers come and go depending on the Crohns activity. 3.Staph infection in the anal area which has not heals since original op, under treatment which seems to be working but slowly. I have returned to work again with a VAC pump on, luckily my work is good with my medical issues. My family are happy to have me home again after this last 8 week stint in hospital. I am really happy my wound is healing as the 1 and 1/2 hrs it takes to change it is a real pain in the butt LOL.

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