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doctors verses speacilist



i am upset as my GP thinks she knows better than my uroligist speacilist yesterday i come out of hospital after being in there 2 days having antibotic drip in my arm.The skin i tore the other day got infected,and as i have very sencitive skin and have had cellulits before my Speacilist has writing to my GP to tell her to send me striaght to a&e to have antibotics but staight in to my blood stream if infected around the stoma ,as i don't absorb oral antibotics quick enough with having a urostomy.But no she wouldn't listen and what could have been sorted in 3 hours at a&e 4 days ago ended up being 2 days in hospital


How frustrating for you!. At my meeting last night, one woman told how she had gone to her doctor about her new ostomy, and he had said "if you have any problems with that, don't come to me!" !Im pleased you are home and on the mend Avalon :)

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My primary told me that I see so many specialists all he can do is be my cheerleader. He's been my doctor about 35 years, and I was shocked when he said that. I felt like he didn't want to see me any more, but I did get a letter from the office saying it's time for a follow-up visit. I'll see him next month and see what he has to say now.

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Hi Avalon,

I sometimes wonder if one medical person ever reads anything another writes!!

If this should happen again, could you just go to A&E and bypass your GP? It could be worth trying to discuss it with your specialist and making them aware of what happened.

Big G has a hearing loss. He is totally deaf in one ear and hasn't much left in his other. But as it's caused by his immune system, it not simply dulled his hearing, it's destroyed certain sounds for him, and left others alone. So he may hear a relatively quiet noise and miss a loud one, depending on the tone. He also lip reads.

I always explain at the start of an appointment that he has a severe hearing loss - yet I've had the odd nurse disagreeing, and one even told me "he's not got a hearing problem, he can hear me!"

Really??? The specialist must have got it all wrong then, plus all the people who test him in the clinic and print out the charts showing how bad it is.

*bangs head*

Let us know how you are, Avalon.

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hello Kathy,

I am a box of birds now all is good.I have tryed going to A&E first but they have sent me to the emergency doctor who once again gave me oral medication.But all is well now my speacialist after this last episode sent a very nasty letter on my behalf to my doctor and gave them a good dressing down at A&E.What happens is if it gets infected round the stoma and the oral medication doesn;t kick in soon enough the infection sends all these starlets (like insect bites) around where the waffer is.So the waffer want sit flat on my skin and leaks and the urine with all its nasties in it reinfects the erea and that turns into cellulitis a harder infection to cure.

So if the medication is put straight into my blood stream it works quicker and only takes 3hours to drip in and stops the infection getting worse till the oral medication starts to work.Also when it gets this bad it all swells up around the stoma and to painfull to wear a bag so they have to catherta the stoma and let the urine go in to a drainage bag quite a performance.

I am a live and loving every minute of being on this side of the ground thats our main aim isn't it.


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