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Happy Tuesday!

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Hi ya'll

I had an ostomy meeting last night and I found it very interesting with the Conv-Tec rep talking about their new products. I was the only one in the group who used a different product. They had these new moldable wafers that now I am intrigued to try. She also said that they will be revamping there bags with some cloth. That was always the downside of that brand is they are plastic and not cloth. It is always an interesting and fun group. Also, around my stoma is still hurting and I know I need to see my ostomy nurse after the wedding is over. I need some relief.

Well, I have a wedding coming up. My niece is getting married this Saturday. She is 8 years younger than I am and she is a lot like my sister. I am so happy for her. She is such a smart girl with a good head on her shoulders. Of course I'm in the wedding as her Maid of Honor so this week will be busy, but we are going to have a relaxing SPA DAY Friday. I cannot wait!!! I have never done anything like that before and I'm ready.

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