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Ostomyland State Of Play - June 2010

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Welcome to the Ostomyland State of Play – June 2010 blog entry. This is a run down of events, achievements and feature updates/changes/launches for Ostomyland since the last entry in November 2009, and details our aims/plans for Ostomyland in the coming months.


1. Introduction

2. The Community as a whole

3. The Message Board

4. The Chat Room

5. The Main Site

6. The Ostomyland wiki

7. In the Works for Oland

8. Main Site Stats

9. Main Site's Country of Visitors Percentage Stats

10. Board Stats

11. Records

The Community as a whole:

During the six months since the last update, a lot has happened in the Ostomyland community and network of sites, the biggest being the celebration of our 12th birthday online, and re-launch of our Ostomy Wiki. It also saw my nomination for Volunteer of the Year by the Ostomy Lifestyle (UK) charity, and although I didn’t win it brought immense satisfaction just know that people cared enough about Ostomyland and the work all the team put in, in order to nominate me for this award. I only wish it was the whole team who was nominated as they do as much as me on here! Well most do, not so sure about the Jules woman, not much she can do here when on the Naughty Step all the time. :p *ah-hem* Back to serious mode...

The Message Board:

The message board and it’s community have been ticking along nicely since the last update. In fact a number of access and member records were repeatedly broken during the course of this six month period.

I’m very pleased with the progress of the support boards. Nearly all genuine support queries are being answered by numerous members within a very short period of time. Having access to such a reliable, and quick source of knowledgeable feedback is a very important part of some ostomates recovery from surgery, and I cannot thank ALL our members enough for all they do to help and support both old and new members alike.

On the off topic community side of things, we’ve recently started an active campaign to help new members integrate better into our community events and forums, with attempts at creating long running “silly” threads to encourage new members to post more in the community once they have their stoma concerns stabilised. Examples of this are the silly “Five Word Story” and the “My Day in Three Words” threads.

Hopefully this and forthcoming off topic discussions and threads will help encourage members to post enough to gain entry into those elusive, and secret 150 and 500 post count member clubs, as well the hidden forums that accompany each club!

A member map was also recently introduced to the board, allowing all members who wish to stick a pin in our virtual map (powered by Google) to show where they are from. And of course you can also see where all other participating members are from too!

We’ve also transferred our ostomy links resource over from the main site, and over to the board. All members over a 20 post count threshold are able to post their own links that they think are relevant for the Ostomy Community. The threshold has been introduced to prevent Ostomy business from signing up and spamming their links then toddling off into the sunset never to be seen again. This way at least, we know that links are being recommended out of member belief in the services or content of the website linked too, rather than a financial desire to increase their own business turnover.

The Ostomyland Games Arcade is in testing! And it’s proving very, very addictive. The arcade will launch on Tuesday 8th June, with all members of the 500 club and the 150 Bar and Grill gaining a three day, and one day, head start starting on June 5th and June 7th respectively.

Currently standing at over 25 games, the Ostomyland Games Arcade is just a bit of fun for the community. All games have high scores linked to the members accounts/names. The top three scores in each game are attributed a trophy. The members with the top three amount of trophies are the Games Arcade Champions!

Once launched you can expect the occasional competition to see who gets the highest score in a game, and also the arcade software has the possibility for leagues as well!

Finally, IPB 3.1 has launched, and I’ve submitted the upgrade ticket to Invision, so any day now the board will be updated to IPB v3.1. In fact it might well be active by the time you are reading this!

The Chat Room:

Its a busy time for the chat room. We’ve made the decision to move to our own IRC Server so that we gain complete control over the running and operation of the room.

The Jpilot Java Chat program on the main site had to be retired due to the program no longer being in development and the security certificate having expired. Java Chat access to the chat room is still available, but only via the message board for now.

One of the benefits of hosting our own IRC server is that we can control which files go on the server, meaning we can host the Jpilot Java Chat on the same server as the IRC server software. This removes the need for the java chat to have a security certificate as connections via java from files on the same server is automatically deemed secure.

The move to our own server – irc.ostomylandchat.com – will be in the next couple of weeks. Once launched we’ll look into resurrecting the Jpilot Java Client as well! Hurrah!

We've also given @ops to Jules, Rach, Wayupthere and Mauro. Congratulations to all four, and thank you for agreeing to help us run the chat room. I really appreciate it! :)

The Main Site:

Things have been ticking along nicely over on the main site. Recent magazine features about Ostomyland from the likes of Coloplast’s Charter magazine, and the CA Tidings magazine, have all helped increase the site’s profile, hit count and ultimately, our community membership.

I’ve just completed work on hosting video files directly on the site without the need to have the video hosted on You Tube where anyone can access the movie and leave hurtful comments behind. This means the “Ostomyland Video Archive” will be launching in the near future, but until then you can check out the first test video which is Doug’s fabulous Irrigation tutorial. If other members have ostomy videos they would like featuring in the archive then we’d be delighted to host them for them.

Finally, a total update of the lifestyle guide pages has just been completed. Both the online pages, and the downloadable PDF ebook guide has been updated with current information about travel and prescriptions and links etc.

The Ostomyland Wiki:

Along with our 12th birthday, January was exciting time for Ostomyland as it saw the “version 2” relaunch of our Ostomy wiki. Including a complete software overhaul (its now powered by WakkaWiki engine) with a brand new, more user friendly interface, and many more pages of content added. The total page count now is over 225 pages, which is a lot of ostomy content by anyones book, but there are still many more hundreds of pages to write, and as with any wiki the members of the public can write missing pages too! But so far no one has been brave enough, maybe out of fear of breaking something. :)

In the Works for Oland:

I’m please to say that everything I listed as “in the works” in the November 2009 State of Play blog posting has been completed.

Next up on my to-do list is the launch of the board's games arcade, and the moving of the chat room over to our new irc.ostomylandchat.com server.

After this I will likely be taking a break from updating things for a while. But next on my list will be finding someone who make IPB3 themes/skins and get them to make one that ties the main site theme into the board, so that a more consistent look is achieved across all the various sites in the Ostomyland Network.

I’m also going to be looking towards giving the board’s current masthead menu a revamp, and include it on ALL the various Oland websites. This will also help tie things together visually for the new visitor.

Main Site Stats:

Oland been online: 4512 days

Current Hits: 6,302,273

Current Average Daily Hits (01/Nov/09 to 01/Jun/2010): 1,366

Brand New Visitors to Site (Avg per day – same timeframe): 249

Main Site's Country of Visitors Percentage Stats (May 2010):

39.40% United States

37.60% United Kingdom

7.20% Canada

6.40% Australia

6.20% New Zealand

1.40% Ireland

0.40% Germany

0.40% Brunei Darussalam

0.20% Sweden

0.20% Thailand

0.20% Hong Kong

0.20% Russian Federation

0.20% India

Board Stats:

Current # of Board Members: 2530

New Members since last SoP Blog: 375

Total Posts: 67816

No. Of Posts since last SoP Blog: 5880


Most board members online in one day: 66 – 04 April 2010

Most board members online at once: 52 – 29 December 2009


Green = Broken/Increased since last SoP Blog

Red = No Change/Increase since last SoP Blog


This is an amazing post Jason, and a true testimony of the hard work this board requires to keep it up to date and relevant - Many thanks to you and everyone who helps you keep the board running!

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Wow- well done, Jason and team! I definitely appreciate the site- it has helped us loads! A big THANKYOU for making it available.

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