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Pain after changing wafer

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This article was in our local newspaper the other night. The woman involved lived about 50 miles from us?

Hoarder crushed as floor collapsed

A woman who had clutter stacked as high as the ceiling in some areas of her home was crushed to death when a floor collapsed into the basement, medical officials say.

The state chief medical examiner's office said Beverly Mitchell, 66, died of accidental and traumatic asphyxia.

Mitchell's body was found Saturday as crews used a backhoe to remove debris from her home. She may have been dead for more than a week, police said.

Town officials, meanwhile, are determining whether the home is structurally sound.

Authorities have said they believe the first floor collapsed under the weight of all the clutter, which was stacked as high as the ceiling in some places.

Fire Chief Jack Casner said there were holes in the roof, and water may have leaked onto the floor and weakened it.


End of story............I just thought this was too odd not to share. She must have been a real nut, but she didn't deserve to die.

Anyhow, my neighbors and I were discussing it the other day. One of them mentioned that this woman had vanity plates for her car with her initials, BM (for Beverly Mitchell), on them. They said "now who would want a plates with "BM on it? And I said "I would." lol

They do know I have a colostomy, which made it seem even funnier.


I got a call this afternoon from the hospital where I'm having my surgery on Aug. 1. They said they were calling about my surgery at the Surgery Center (not the hospital where I'm having it, not even the same city) on July 18 with Dr. So-and-so. That's not my I told the guy I was a little confused. He had my name right, my address right and my phone number was okay........but he then asked if a certain date was my birthday (which it wasn't). I guess the office people got our papers mixed up or something. The person then said he'd call the doctor's office back and let me know. So far I haven't heard anything new. I looked up the doctor he mentioned, and he is in the same office as my doctor.

Soooooooo. bottom line is they got the date wrong, the location wrong and the doctor's name wrong. Very strange.



I was talking with my psychologist this morning and telling her that I was getting the feeling like I was going to have a b.m or pass gas through the rectum. She said this is like phantom pain, and she's going to talk with some of her colleagues to see if hypnosis could possibly break the brain to rectum cycle. I know I'm a good candidate for hypnosis, and I sure hope it works.

I had this problem right after my surgery and it lasted for months. It finally went away, only to return after my bout of C-Diff. Now it's driving me nuts.


I don't know if this is the proper place to ask about this, but I'm going to try anyway.

I've been using Cavillon no-sting barrier wipes. They're a little sponge with not much moisture on them, but they do put a pretty good job. I received some Coloplast no-sting wipe samples. Last time I change the wafer, I used the samples with no problem. Last night, I went to change it again. After I was all done, I got a burning on one side of the stoma and felt like someone was stabbing me there. I didn't like changing the wafer right away, but I had no choice. I took it off, put on some healing powder and used the Cavillon this time. It was a lot better but still pretty sore, so I went right to bed to see if I could sleep it off. When I got up, the pain in that area was much better.

Now I have just the same abdominal pain I've been having, which I hope they'll be able to find the source of when I get my CT Scan tomorrow.

Has anyone else had a problem with barrier wipes causing this problem?

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