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ablaut living with an ostomy

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I usually blog at but thought I'd share some of my stories here with you. hope you will enjoy reading.

After 6 weeks of hospitalization and a little vacation, I was ready to go back to work. My work is mainly a matter of driving out to visit private clients. At first, I was quite nervous about whether clients would discover my ostomy, due to things like the farting, the bag springing a leak, or whatever else might happen.

That day I had folded the bag in half, as you can see in the first picture, in order for the ostomy bag to take up less space, and I had also put an elastic bandage around my abdomen to soften the sound of any farts that might occur. This combination turned out to be less than great, because I just ended up sitting in my car with feces all over my shirt and pants.

The first meeting went very well. There was no sound and nothing really to worry about, although I was able to feel that stool was entering the bag. Still, it wasn’t enough for me to have to run out and get it emptied immediately. So, after the first meeting, I drove on to the next client. Once again, stool entered the bag, but I hadn’t considered the fact that when the bag was folded up like in the first image, there wasn’t room for as much feces in it. The fact that the bag was folded and that I had put a bandage on, meant that the stool was being squeezed out under the ostomy bag, which meant that I was sitting in the car getting feces all over my shirt and pants.

Of course, I had extra bags, but I had neither clean pants nor a clean shirt with me. Besides that, I had about a 20-minute drive home. In the end, I had to call the client and tell it like it was, that I had an ostomy and had had an accident in the car, and I therefore needed to reschedule the meeting. Of course, the client was very understanding, so I rushed home to take a bath.

Sitting there in my car with feces all over everything, only a few weeks after my surgery, a few thoughts went through my head. One of them was that having an ostomy would be a huge burden, and that I pretty much wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without bringing a change of clothes. Fortunately, having an ostomy isn’t as bad as I feared. I’ll be back in a later post about the things I’ve done to prevent accidents.

until my next blog you can

Best regards Tonny

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