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Colectomy /w / ileorectal anastomosis

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feeling lost

im suddenly faced with a surgery that will change my life! Its happening 4/11/14 (Laproscopic Abnominal Colectomy w/ ileorectal anastomosis) I have a congenital birthdefect that caused my colon to grow in a loopy twisted path that has twisted and been bound by scar tissue, another surgery to remove kidney cancer in 2010 caused much more scar tissue and now its to the point of blockages that could kill me.

Needless to say I scared to death, I dont know much except what iv read on here about ostomy and care.

Im going back a forth with excitement and fear. I have an out of town specialist who will be doing the procedure and iv met him 1 time, ill meet him again the day before the surgery. His nurse is going to talk to me then. (the day before i go in) I feel very unprepared and the more i learn the more i realize i need to find out what this is going to do to my life.

Everyone tells me I will feel so much better and its a lifesaving thing i cant refuse. I understand that. And the pain is very hard to handle somedays. I want it to stop , now i am faced with this colostomy.

I have to get ahold of my local doctor and see if a stoma nurse can speak with me here in BEND OREGON soon.

Till then i would love to hear some others who have gone through this.