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My grandmas Ostomy

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In 2004 my grandmother had surgery for a Hernia were the implanted a Mesh. But there was complications and the Mesh connected to her colon and small intestines which caused A LOT of damage. 2010 She had to have 8 operations to fix the damage that the mesh did. Now 2014 she has an Ileostomy & also she had two fistula. My grandmother is 74 years old and she is really having trouble coping with these. She gets really frustrated because her Ostomy bag won't stay on all the time and it leaks and she has tried billions of products. We need help, she think she is alone in this world like she is the only person with this problem. so i started this blog for her. To help her see there is more people out there dealing with some of the same problems she is facing day by day.

At the moment she is struggling to keep her Bag connected to get body. She been using the Ostomy glue and some days it will stay on for a while and others she has to change it 4 to 5 times a day. if you have any advice on what products to use her what she can do just to help make it stick on there please please contact me. thank you for you time.

Grand-daughter, Elizabeth.

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