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Maria Gibson

I had a left side colostomy put in a bit over a month ago. I had an operation to remove a section of the colon after a not-cancerous but not-friendly polyp was found in a colonoscopy. The ends were joined together and everything seemed to be progressing well (passing air, stool no problem). A little over a week after the original operation, a few days after I had been discharged, I had severe abdominal pain and went back in to be checked. Turned out the anastomosis had failed and I had leakage of air and waste into the abdomen, infection, and all those good things :(. Following emergency surgery and another 10 days in hospital I left with a colostomy. I am recovering well and dealing with the bag, but also thinking ahead to reversal.

I have not gotten a clear explanation as to why the failure in the first place. Other than the polyp, the colon was fine - no diverticulitis or other disease. It's not clear that the failure was the result of mechanical error on the part of the surgeon, who was very highly recommended from multiple sources. Possibly poor healing? Blowout from internal pressure?

My question is whether others have had or know of similar experiences and whether subsequent reversal and re-anastomosis was successful. While I am otherwise very healthy, I wonder whether there is something that physiologically disposed me to the anastomosis failing, and whether I would be at increased risk for the re-attachment to work. If anyone has anything to share on this it would be much appreciated.

Also, if there are any recommendations for eating strategies to minimize stress on the colon after the reversal to give the healing process more time, that would also be great to hear.

Thanks in advance.


Source: Reversal after anastomosis failure

Maria Gibson

Hi, this is my first time on here and I had a colostomy on 5th February 13 after I developed a leak post surgery for colon cancer. I just wonder if I will be able to have peas with my dinner and enjoy strawberry or raspberry trifle ever again. So far I am coping fine with the bag but oh to enjoy my meals again.

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