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EZ vent

Hello again,

If you read the first part of this blog, you know the I managed to get things together and apply the EZ vent to my two piece Coloplast pouch system. I've managed to wear it for a full five days. It was a pretty good week with some change in my diet. The weather was fairly nice and I purchased quite a bit of fresh healthy vegetables which I love. Well my body doesn't love them as much as I do and they tend to make things not so pleasant on the way out. That being said, I was still quite happy with the ez vent as it's name says it all. It is 100 times quicker to pop open the cover of the vent to let air out. Unfortunately It did nothing to help my vacuum issue but I will continue using the supply I purchased and keep an eye on things to hopefully find a remedy to my problem.

The second application of the vent was not as easy as the first. (If I would of read your comment Jason, it would of been), I managed to cut the connection of the closure part of the vent from itself. :fool: ~ but there isn't much good old tape won't fix and didn't have any problems with losing the plug to the vent.

Next application will be the way Jason described as it sounds less complicated and quicker too! Thanks Jason :)


blog-0386138001429190269.jpgOkay word of warning~

Read directions 24 hours before you plan on wearing your pouch with the EZ vent applied due to it stating that it needs to adhere to the pouch for that length of time before wearing.

Of course I didn't so I will let you know if there are any issues with not following that direction.

The process is pretty simple if your pouch doesn't have a nice material covering the plastic. Otherwise you have to be a bit more flexible in maneuvering your pouch inside out and cutting the material.

Unfortunately my pics are uʍop ǝpısdn because the lighting was not so good and I want to get this up before my day gets to busy as I have some errands to run and some outside work as well.

The entry image is the open ez vent applied to the front of the pouch under the material. Following is the inside of the pouch where you are able to see the hole I have made to let out the air. In my case I am hoping to also add some air with this vent b/c I have had more of an issue of suction as opposed to needing to let air escape. Not sure why I am having so much suction whether it is the way I have been wearing it or the clothing I wear for work, time will tell.


Ez vent

Hi there,

Ever use EZ vents? Well I'm ready to give them a try. I'm waiting for a supply with my current order to come.

I wear the Coloplast two piece Sen Sura click-able system, at least that is what I think they are titled. I feel that this is by far the best system for me. That being said I still get my fair share of ballooning due to wanting to eat what I want sometimes. I figure if the ez vents work as well as they say, and I think they should because it is not rocket science, It will be quicker in releasing the "air" from the pouch.

Looking forward to writing my experience with this new addition. Then I can move on to the ostomy guard I plan on purchasing this spring.


I have noticed that this past Sunday, March 2nd was my one year anniversary at O'land :yahoo: !

Wow, how time flies. I remember my first day. Two of my friends that I have made at another site have talked about O'land, (one more so than the other) and G and I were looking for A when G remembered at 3 o'clock A could be found at the O'land chat. So since G was already a member she went to the chat to look for A. We were still in contact through another chat and G was telling me how nice the folks in chat were. Yes A is here she told me, but she was also enjoying the company of the others in the chat as well so she kept telling me to join. I was not interested in going through the whole process of completing the information to join, but the more she insisted, I quickly filled the information out and found my way to the chat room.

If I remember there were about six people in the chat and everyone started welcoming me to the chat. I don't recall what everyone was talking about but there were some usual questions and answered typed back and forth about where everyone was from and what type of ostomy we had. We stayed in chat for just about the whole hour an met some very friendly folks. Then we went back to the other site. Soon after my visit, I was curious about O'land, the folks were nice and the chat was fun so what else am I missing.....I was thinking.

I spent a few days reading and exploring I found so much more interesting things than the other site had, and it was the way things are so user friendly that I could not stay away. I anxiously awaited to be in the next schedule chat to see if it was as friendly as before and yes it was!

The information posted in the forums were so informative and sometime down right funny that I came back everyday and spent hours here. I knew that this was a place I would like to be a part of because the people here have a lot of knowledge that they were sharing and I was learning new things about ostomys and stoma tips. I even found the main site and was even more excited to read all the great information there including many links to suppliers and reviews on products. The main site is awesome and continually updated with new information. I know I am still new, but I really enjoy every moment I spend at Ostomyland.


Spiritual Music

Recently my husband found some music that we have not heard before. Yes, it is Spiritual music and I wanted to share it but didn't find the Music topic that I have found before and posted in. So instead, I thought I would post it here. It is quickly becoming one of my many favorites.

It is a you tube video called God of Heaven it is from Greg Howlett.

Hope you enjoy it !


blog-0005058001372473604.jpgYes, finally I received samples from Coloplast. B) Two piece system, Yay, I have been looking forward to checking out this sample because it has the snap on locking plastic rings.

The samples are three pouches and three flanges'. They are clear, but that's okay, I'm on vacation and don't have to concern myself if anyone would see.They are cut to fit as requested, with roll up velcro closure at the bottom that you open to empty from. There is also a nicely kinda thick flap that will be good support when in use. They also have an added velcro dot to use to tuck the complete velcro closure up into which should keep it from sliding out when you move about. As well as poke or rub against the upper thigh.

Day one, putting on the flange was a breeze, but I also asked for the cut to fit ones and they were slightly difficult to cut b/c my scissors seemed a bit to long. <_< It was an easy fix but, little extra work in cutting them close enough to meet my size. The flange is a full plastic/adhesive mount to your skin, but it is also shaped differently then my usual Hollister one piece which is round and these seem smaller and somewhat oval. They hide nicely behind the pouch itself. :)

Snapping on the pouch was easy and felt quite secure with the locking ring on the pouch. I tried removing it to see how it worked and it was no problem to push against the locking system and unsnapping it from the flange. Emptying was quite easy with the thicker flap, b/c it was an easy aim and nothing collapsed or stuck together where I had to use my fingers before to reopen the flap with other pouches.

Day two, not feeling so well :huh: but all is great with the output and no leaks or feeling like the pouch would come off.

Husband and I have been doing some painting and I have been kneeling and bending alot and my stoma sits right above my pants line so I am thinking if this doesn't make it come lose then I'm going to put in an order for these.

Day three, I think I have a blockage within me b/c I am most uncomfortable and feeling pressure and bloating :( but the pouch system is working well.

Day four, definitely have a blockage, :wacko: so I called out of work but will continue to test the system.

Day five, well the blockage has caused my stoma to swell so I removed the pouch and flange and will have to continue when things pass. :blink:

Day seven, feeling much relief and the swelling has gone down. Things are still passing ever so slowly but I can put on a new flange and pouch and see how things progress.

Day eight, I think the blockage has clear up :good: so it's off to work to see how the two piece system does after all the stress the job will apply. Well today was a very busy day. Still feeling sore inside but no issues with the two piece system. Took the pouch off of the flange and managed a good rinse out and used a q-tip (suggested from a post from Clare, thank you) to take care of the details needed close to the stoma, and yup, I am sold....calling and ordering a 90 day supply of these today.

Woo hoo, :yahoo: finally got a two piece I like.



Well I received some sample pouches from Cymed and have tried the two piece drainable system. At first I though I will wait till I go on vacation because these just do not look like they will work. They felt thin and with no material overlay I just knew the noise of the plastic was going to be something I was not use to. I was also thinking that they will be uncomfortable and stick to my skin as I sweat. The pouches are all cut to fit as requested. The flange is know as a floating flange. It is not completely attached to the seal that goes onto your skin. They are also a press and seal type of system which is not what I was expecting or have researched. I assumed that they were the tuppe-rware type that I have heard so much about in the past.

Well for whatever reason that possessed me, I showered and applied the clear one first as I was off from work the next day (Saturday). Strange to see my stoma, but okay. Putting the flange on was easy enough, but cutting this one with the thicker inner part was not a smooth cut. It left scissor jagged edges that I had to smooth out with my fingers after heating it up for a few moments with the hair dryer. Now the pouch, hahaha that was a challenge. Since it was clear I had to line the floating flange up with this red circle around the pouch. Not very easy the first time, so I pealed it off and tried twice more before i thought it was okay. The day went well and I didn't find the noise unbearable and no leaks. The hydrocolloid seal which is on the flange was wonderful. It is thin and gave me very good movement.

Well, I got up a bit later that I should of (Sunday) and had no time to change to the tan pouch so I put my homemade pouch cover overtop and off to work. Of course I had a change of everything already in my locker if needed.

Day two over, time to rinse and clean up and add fresh odor control M9 drops. This is the biggest downfall to this product that I was unhappy with. You couldn't drain without having to open the bottom with your fingers to try and keep it open. It is very flimsy and has a half circle cut out to act as a spout, which I did not find helpful in any way.

Day three, (Monday) home and still no problems but could not bear to look at such a dirty clear bag, so off with the old and on to the new tan, no material overlay pouch. For some reason this pouch seemed noisier.

The flange still holding on with no signs of a leak or pulling away, cool. I'm starting to be impressed.

Day four, (Tuesday) did all the things I usually do but today had more output and had to clean out the pouch more that twice. It was also a warmer day than it has been all week but still no leaks. End of the day, showered and heard the weather was going to be even warmer tomorrow.

Wednesday, (day five) is here and gone and output was also high so cleaning the pouch I found I could feel some output under the press and seal where it looked like their might be a leak if I did not change. I was just going to use the last pouch when I figured I might as well change the flange also as this was my last pouch as well. Two more days before I get another break from work, the weather was warmer and I was not comfortable with the plastic. So time to try what looks like the top of this line.

The MicroSkin pouch. The flange that I had left had no thick seal to cut for my stoma. Instead it was just a piece of plastic, how the heck is this going to work out. Cutting it to fit was much easier than the last one and it felt like it was going to stay put, strange tho, where's the adhesive? Pealing the other flange away was real easy and did not leave all the residue on my skin and I did not feel the need to use a adhesive wipe to be sure it was off before I showered and got ready for the "top of the line." No large indentation or mark from it either. I always see a constant circle from my current brand and small dimples in my skin from the adhesive, as well as a slight redness from lack of air.

Well the top of the line the MicroSkin pouch has a filter, a tan material overlay, and a velcro closure. The clip on the others was no big deal as my pouch cover kept it away from poking me. I felt most comfortable with this last sample as it felt more like a part of me rather than something that was attached to me. I did not use my cover, but used my pocket in case the output was high it would hold up the weight. This pouch also has a more superior opening in the drainage part. It is thicker and you did not have to use your fingers to keep the opening apart.

Overall I would use the MicroSkin two piece drainable press and seal pouch system. But still waiting to try the next sample which is hopefully almost here.


Resurrection Day

Tomorrow is THE day. Resurrection Day! Amen. On this day I would like to be home with my hubby to listen to Bible studies and celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ. What a miracle to be given the gift of Faith to the human race who have so many flaws. What a miracle to be loved by God, so much that He gave His only begotten Son to demonstrate His Love for us.

He / God came to us in human form to help us understand what His plan for mankind is. True, no one of us knows all that the Father knows, after all He is God. Still, just to understand in truth one verse, or even one word is a blessing to me. To think that the Holy Bible has been around for so long and is still filled with such relevant truth that still holds true today is wonderful.

Thank you God, for giving us your Son! I pray that Your will be done.


Hello to all the Ostomates,

Today I joined this forum altho I have visited before. First, I know I have much to learn and pray that while learning I can be of some help and support to others.

I found the first forum of introduction and entered some information. Thank you to all who have been so kind to welcome me and wish me well.

I also belong to another site. I am so very glad I found that site too. Some of the folks there are the ones who speak such nice things about Ostomyland. Needless to say if you have read my introduction it lacks some of the extras that this site has. I am most excited to be here.

When the my surgeon finished the process of forming my stoma, I was not really in fear or concern about how different my life was to be. Of course I was medicated as most of us are but, I was not educated on what a stoma was or what taking care of the new me would be like.Yes, there is more to the medical side of the story with c-diff taking a large toll on my body. I firmly believe that fighting the c-diff was harder than the surgeory, and a blockage not long after coming home. All of us have had our cross to bare and we made it thus far. Everyday is a gift because none of us know (thankfully) when we will be called. So life goes on and choices are made. How should I feel? What do I do with the experience I have lived thru? As God, love, and time healed me, I learned I was meant to be here and experience this new change. I did not make my journey alone. God was there the entire time. He also blessed me with a precious gift, my husband. I don't think for one moment that my husband did not go thru more than I did myself. He is amazing, and I know he got his strength from God. Many marriages and relationships have been lost because of such a change. In all honesty, was it because of the way our plumbing was rearranged? I think not. I have learned much about the things that are important to me. For me they come in the following order: God, my husband, my children, my siblings, my friends. Life for me has changed, and I believe for the better. The times we live in are so cruely different than they were not so long ago. Mankind is in big trouble. We have forgotten.

As my journey continues, I hope to be able to look back on these blogs and see improvements in who I am and become who God has created me to be.